Protecting clients forms the bedrock of my philosophy and is the foundation of my business. For insurance business I offer products from a panel of insurers.

Winston Churchill’s words – from 1909 – are as true today as they ever were:

“If I had my way I would write the word ‘Insure’ upon the door of every cottage and upon the blotting book of every public man, because I am convinced for sacrifices which are inconceivably small, families and estates can be protected against catastrophes which would otherwise smash them up forever. It is our duty to arrest the ghastly waste, not merely of human happiness, but of national health and strength, which follows when, through the death of the breadwinner, the frail boat in which the family are embarked, founders, and women and children and estates are left to struggle in the dark waters of a friendless world.”

Life Cover

Life Assurance gives you the comfort of knowing that your loved ones will be provided for should you die. There are many ways to arrange life cover and we can help you find the most appropriate plan available.

When linked to a mortgage, Life Assurance ensures that in the event of death your mortgage will be repaid. This means that your dependents will be left with a mortgage-free roof over their heads.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover, also known as critical illness insurance, is a long-term insurance policy to cover specific serious illnesses listed within a policy. Should the worst happen, it gives a tax-free ‘lump sum’ – a one-off payment, to help pay for your mortgage or rent, debts, or pay for alterations to your home such as wheelchair access should you need it, but it’s your choice how you spend it.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

This is one of the most common protection products as a mortgage payment is often someone’s biggest commitment.

Commonly known as Accident, Sickness, and Unemployment cover (ASU), this can give you peace of mind knowing that, in the event of redundancy or illness, your mortgage payments will be made and your home will be safe.

Most standard mortgages do not have any protection insurance included, so it’s important to decide what kind of separate cover you need.

Usually payments are made for up to a maximum of 12 months, but if you would like to be covered for longer than this you may want to consider taking out income protection.

This Payment Protection Insurance is optional. There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance and other products designed to protect you against loss of income. For impartial information about insurance, please visit the website at . The typical cost is £4.49 per £100 of monthly benefit. This is based on someone aged 35 years old and with a 30 day waiting period.

Income Protection

This offers borrowers the security of knowing that their essential repayments will be made if they are off work due to an accident or sickness.

For example, if you are in an accident and are unable to work for a while, a lack of comprehensive income protection cover means you will rely solely on state benefits, which are unlikely to be sufficient to meet your mortgage repayments, let alone any other essential spending.

Income protection can help as it provides a tax-free monthly payment until you are able to return to work.

Business Protection

There are 4 types of business protection:

Key person protection · Partner/Director/Limited Liability Partnership Share Protection

Business Loan Protection · Relevant Life Plan

There are many compelling reasons for a business to take out a protection policy. Added peace of mind that the business could be financially secure.

  • Helps protect a partner or director’s financial share in the business if they fall terminally or critically ill or die.
  • Eases the pressure on business owners to return to work quickly should they fall critically ill.
  • Provides evidence of good practice.
  • Demonstrates proof of an effective disaster recovery strategy, which helps reassure customers that the business is stable.

We are not authorised to provide advice on Business Insurance but can refer you to a third party. 

Business protection is referred to a third party. Neither Paul McGowan Financial Services Ltd nor PRIMIS are responsible for the service received.

Private Health Insurance

Health insurance provides medical care quickly and saves you facing NHS queues or bureaucracy.

We are not authorised to provide advice on Private Medical Insurance but can refer you to a third party.

Private Medical Inurance is referred to a third party. Neither Paul McGowan Financial Services Ltd nor PRIMIS are responsible for the service received.

Home Insurance

You need to protect your home against flood, fire, theft and other perils. I can offer you competitive quotes on your Home Insurance through our panel of providers.


For these insurance products terms and conditions apply. This information is a summary only. You will receive a full policy document upon application. This policy will set out the terms, conditions and limitations of cover provided under the plan.

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